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A 60 keyboard or 60 percent keyboard is one that lacks a number pad, F keys, navigation key cluster, and arrow keys. The benefits of a small form factor outweigh the lack of functionality, especially for any minimalist who prefers a clean setup. A 60% keyboard is easier to arrange in a comfortable position on your desk, alleviating some wrist and forearm pain. It’s also easier to fit onto a crowded desk, leaving more space for your mouse and other accessories.

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Why you need 60 Keyboard

  • Metal Panel And Type C Separated Design: 60% mechanical keyboard adopts advanced metal panel design, beautiful and strong. The keyboard and the Type-C line can be separated, which is convenient for your use.
  • Solid Yellow Color Backlit And 18 Mode Backlight: 61 keys mechanical gaming keyboard key light has 18 backlight operation modes (Fn2+9 (switching); 1 customizable lighting setting (backspace key + Fn2); backlight brightness adjustable (Fn2 –or += key).
  • Comfortable Typing Experience And Full 61 Keys Anti-ghosting: red switches mechanical keyboard adopted with classic red switches, that responds fast with no lag, this mechanical keyboard will offer you wonderful tactile feedback on each keypress. The stepped layout can also provide you with an ergonomic angle for typing.
  • Double Injection Keycap And Adjustable Tilt Legs: The keyboard comes with extra two beautiful orange or white keycaps (ESC and space bar). Double The injection-molded Keycaps provide crystal clear uniform backlight and ergonomic curves, ensures lettering that doesn’t scratch off.
  • Wide Compatibility: 60 mechanical keyboard is compatible for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/. Also compatible with PS5/PS4, Works well with Desktops, Chrome-book, PC, Laptop, Computer, and more.
60 keyboard - 60 Keyboard

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It is really a small keyboard, I really liked it. It was what I was looking for. I am very satisfied with it

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Everything arrived just right, beautiful keyboard, working perfectly, arrived fast

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Coming from a membrane keyboard to this is a really huge upgrade, I’m really amazed by the build quality and functionality for such a price, it was totally worth it

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Compact, but heavy, good rubber pads-does not slip even on the mat

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If you’re one who often travels and don’t want to leave your gear behind, a 60% keyboard is much easier to stuff into a backpack than a full deck with all keys.

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What is 60 keyboard?

what is a 60 keyboard

A 60 keyboard is usually mechanical and lacks a number pad, F keys, navigation key cluster, and arrow keys. 60% keyboards are smaller in size than the traditional keyboard, which some gamers may prefer because it allows them to adjust their positioning of the keyboard. Keyboard is a hardware device that helps people to type text. It consists of an array of keys, each of which can be depressed (or raised) to produce a particular letter on the keyboard.

How many types of 60 keyboard?

There are three main types of keyboards: mechanical, electronic, and hybrid. Mechanical keyboards use keys that are actuated by a keypad or switches. Electronic keyboards use electronic switches to make the keyboard work. Hybrid keyboards use both mechanical and electronic switches.

Each type of keyboard has its own benefits and disadvantages. Mechanical keyboards are often faster and more accurate than electronic or hybrid keyboards, but they can be slower and less durable. Electronic and hybrid keyboards are usually faster and less expensive than mechanical keyboards, but they may not be as accurate or durable.

What are the benefits of using a 60 keyboard?

Keyboard are essential for use in any computer. Not just for typing, a keyboard can also be used for gaming, photo editing, and more.

A keyboard can come in many different shapes and sizes. The 60 keyboard is a great option because it is compact enough to travel with but still has the features you need to work efficiently.

The 60 keyboard has a number pad and a lot of other features that make it perfect for use in any situation. If you are looking for a keyboard that will save you time, the 60 keyboard is the perfect option.

How to choose the best 60 keyboard?

how to choose the best 60 keyboard

The keyboard is an important peripheral that you need to use in order to type accurately. There are many different types of keyboards available on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right keyboard:

  1. Consider your needs. Do you need a full-sized keyboard or do you need a smaller one?
  2. Consider your typing style. Are you a speed typist or do you prefer more accuracy?
  3. Consider your budget. Do you want to spend more money on a better keyboard or do you want to save some money?
  4. Consider your environment. How noisy will your environment be? Will other people be using the same keyboard?
  5. Consider your work habits. Will you be using the keyboard for extended periods of time or will it only be used occasionally?
  6. Consider the dimensions of the keyboard. Will it fit in any specific space, or will it take up too much space?
  7. Consider the features of the keyboard. Does it have backlighting, macros, and extra keys?
  8. Compare prices and read reviews before making a purchase. There are many great keyboards available

How to setup 60 keyboard?

Most keyboards use a layout similar to the English keyboard. However, some keyboards may have additional keys, such as special purpose keys for music production or gaming.

To set up a keyboard, you will first need to determine what type of keyboard you have. There are three main types of keyboards: desktop, laptop, and netbook.

Desktop: Desktop keyboards are the largest and most common type, and they are usually used at home or in office settings. They typically have more features than laptop and netbook keyboards, and they tend to be more expensive.

Laptop: Laptop keyboards are smaller than desktop keyboards, and they are typically used on laptops. They are generally easier to travel with than desktop keyboards, and they have more features than netbook keyboards.

Netbook: Netbooks are small laptops that typically do not have a full-sized keyboard. Instead, they have a mobile keyboard that is attached via a cable. Netbooks do not have built-in track pads or touch pads like traditional laptops do

Where to buy 60 keyboard?

You can find many types of 60 keyboard on our website 60-keyboard.com.

How much is 60 keyboard?

Keyboards can be expensive, but they are usually worth the investment. The price on our website is from $40 to $140, which is very reasonable price. You can check out the detail here.


How many keys does a 60 keyboard have?

A standard keyboard has 104 keys, which somewhat dictates that a 60 percent keyboard has 62 keys, and a 65 percent keyboard has 67 or 68 keys.

How to use arrow keys on 60 keyboard?

To access arrow keys, you need to hold the FN-key and then mimic the arrow keys with your other fingers. This can be difficult as it requires a lot of finger manipulation and can put your pinky at a lot of risk as it needs to control either the Fn or Pn key at any given time.

How to screenshot on 60 keyboard?

To print your screen, use Windows logo key + PrtScn. If you do not have the PrtScn button, you may use Fn + Windows logo key + Space Bar.

How to use f keys on 60 keyboard?

The f keys are located near the numbers 1-9 on your keyboard. They are also marked with a “F” symbol.

Simply hold down the FN key and hit the number of the function key you want.

How to alt f4 on 60 keyboard?

Hold down the FN key and hit the number 4.

How to use numpad on 60 keyboard?

The 60-key keyboard does not have a NumLock indicator. To toggle NumLock on or off, press 2nd SHIFT F10. This will persist across Windows restarts.

Are 60 keyboards good for gaming?

Yes, 60 keyboards are good for gaming due to the variety in layouts and features offered by most of them.

Are 60 keyboards worth it?

There are many different types of keyboards available on the market today. The 60 keyboards that we reviewed are all unique in their own way and they offer different features and benefits.

If you are looking for a keyboard that has all of the features that you need, then the 60 keyboards that we reviewed are worth it. They all have great layouts, responsive keys, and plenty of other features that make them perfect for everyday use.

What does it mean 60 keyboard?

A 60% keyboard is a type of keyboard that lacks a number pad, F keys, navigation key cluster, and arrow keys. The benefits of having a smaller-sized form factor far outweigh any sacrifices made in functionality as well. While this type of design may not be ideal for everyone, it is an extremely popular option among minimalists.

Is a 60 keyboard too small?

A 60% keyboard is outside of the comfort zone for most people, not having arrow keys, the home cluster, number pad, or function row can make using a keyboard feel like a whole new skill to learn. The person buying and using this type of keyboard should know what they are getting into before making the purchase.

Is a 60 keyboard better than a full keyboard?

The keys on a 60% keyboard are often closer together, making for a tighter hit circle than on bigger keyboards. For gamers that need minimal keys, an Arena 120% is ideal and players of first-person shooters and action RPG’s will be quite pleased.

Do 60 keyboards have escape keys?

As a result, the escape key is on the number row of keyboards with a numeric keypad instead of in its traditional spot at the bottom left corner.

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