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The Benefits and Drawbacks of a 60 Keyboard

One of the biggest benefits of a 60-key layout is its compact size. This design doesn’t take up much desktop space and lets you keep the mouse close to the keyboard, minimizing the need to reach across the desk. However, if you don’t know what you want or value desk space above everything else, a 60-key layout might not be for you.

60 keyboard have a number of advantages over standard keyboards. They’re small, lightweight, and have fast response times. They have more room for your hands and a wider range of functions than standard keyboards. They’re also comfortable to type on and offer a longer lifespan than typical keyboards.

If you’re a competitive gamer, ergonomics and performance should be your top priorities. Cheaper keyboards tend to have the poor build quality, while expensive ones can be a good option if you’re a competitive player. You can always add extra features later. Another advantage of a 60 percent keyboard is that you don’t have to place it stationary – you can adjust its height and position to be comfortable for your wrists. This helps prevent wrist fatigue.


58 to 68 keys

A 60 keyboard layout is a keyboard with between 58 and 68 keys. Its design features 15 units and five rows with a thin frame. However, the exact number of keys varies from design to design. Another popular keyboard design has 68 keys and a full set of arrow keys. In addition, it is available with adjustable feet for maximum comfort.

Programmable layer

The programmable layer on a 60 keyboard is a handy feature that lets users define their own key actions. This feature is mainly used for recording simple macros and can be found on almost all 60-key keyboards. The advantage of the programmable layer is that it provides a high level of customization, as every key can be programmed with a specific function.

Smaller size

If you’re a power user or gamer, you’ll appreciate the smaller size of a 60 percent keyboard. It measures only about 11.5 inches by 4.25 inches, making it easy to store and carry. Its smaller size also makes it easier to focus on your screen.


Lack of navigational cluster

The lack of a navigational cluster and numeric keypad are two of the main drawbacks of a 60% keyboard. While you still have access to the function keys, the area from the number row down to the space bar is reduced significantly. The arrow keys are spread throughout the right side of the keyboard.

Lack of number pad

If you have a 60-key keyboard, you might be having a problem with the number pad. The problem can be caused by several factors, but the most common reason is a defective Num Lock key. Make sure the Num Lock key is enabled, and check the Numpad settings, as well as the drivers, to make sure they’re working properly.


The 60% Keyboard is a highly portable keyboard with high functionality. It does not contain a number pad or Numpad, but you can modify its functions to suit your needs. To change its functions, you can press the Fn key on the bottom right corner of the keyboard and hit the “P” or “;” key for up or down arrows or the “L” or “‘” key for left or right arrow functions. The keyboard also has software that lets you assign and reprogram keys for specific functions.

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